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The included brushless power system can be used with both 3S and 4S lipoly batteries. Two propellers are included in the box, a 5×5 and 4.75×4.75. You will need to use the propeller that matches which battery you will be using. For 4S, use the 4.75×4.75. 5×5 with 3S. Both setups offer excellent performance, however if you are a speed freak looking for true 100+mph speeds, you will want to use the 4S lipoly setup.

Be sure to check out the flight video above. We used the Quanum GPS logger to show just how fast this model can fly!

• “Plug and Fly” format, simply add your own radio system and batteries
• 100+MPH right out of the box*
• Potent brushless power system pre-installed
• Tough EPO foam construction
• Bright colors for easy orientation in the air
• Digital metal gear servos pre-installed
• Easy assembly

Length: 740mm
Wingspan: 793mm
Wing Area: 14.2dm2
Flying Weight: 710g
Motor: 2839 3000KV brushless outrunner (included)
ESC: 60A brushless (included)
Servo: 9g digital metal gear x 2 (included)

3~4CH transmitter and receiver (with delta/elevon mixing)
3~4S 1800~2200mAh lipoly battery